Granwood Flooring Restoration

First crafted in the early 1900s, Granwood Flooring blocks blend cement, plaster, lime, and sawdust into a unique composition. These blocks undergo a distinct hydraulic press process, resulting in floors that are not only robust but also slightly flexible. From village halls and sports centres to churches and school gymnasiums, you’re likely to find Granwood floors. Impressively, many have stood firm for over 50 years, and it’s a testament to their endurance that nearly 70% of indoor sports in the UK unfold on Granwood surfaces each week.

Our Expertise: Reviving Granwood Floors

At NSB Flooring, we’re specialists in rejuvenating both solid and Gransprung Granwood floors, ensuring they continue to exude charm.

1. Scrub and Polish Treatment:

We begin with a mechanical scrub of the floor using advanced chemical strippers to rid it of ingrained dirt and past coatings. We then apply a quick-drying emulsion polish that provides top-notch, long-lasting protection. Depending on footfall and use, venues like bustling conference halls might need this treatment roughly every year.

2. Comprehensive Restoration for Worn Floors:

Ageing is inevitable, even for the sturdiest of floors. Granwood, with its storied history, is no exception. However, while signs of wear can evoke memories of years gone by, there’s nothing quite like seeing an aged floor returned to its pristine state. Our restoration process for worn Granwood floors is thorough, ensuring they not only look new but feel it too:

Screening & Prepping: Before any restoration can begin, it’s crucial to understand the floor’s current condition. We meticulously assess the state of the floor, identifying any sections that have been particularly affected by time and use. This screening allows us to prepare the floor effectively for its rejuvenation. By layering three fresh coats of finish, we ensure that the floor is protected and gleams with a renewed sheen.

Block Replacement: Over time, some blocks can sustain more damage than others. This could be due to high foot traffic, spillages, or even just the natural settling of the building. Rather than attempting to repair these blocks, which can sometimes be a futile endeavour, we substitute them with new ones. Our experts carefully source blocks that match the existing floor in colour and texture, ensuring seamless integration.

Surface Smoothing: Uneven surfaces are not only an eyesore but can also pose potential tripping hazards. We undertake a rigorous machine sanding process that evens out any discrepancies in the floor. This meticulous sanding ensures a floor that’s not just visually appealing but is also safe and comfortable underfoot.

Detailing & Refinement: Even after sanding and block replacement, there might still be minute imperfections such as tiny cracks, minuscule dents, or slight discolourations. We address these by employing a specialist epoxy filler, colour-matched perfectly to your existing floor. This detailing process is akin to the finishing touches an artist might add to a masterpiece, ensuring that every square inch of your Granwood floor is nothing short of perfect.

By the end of our comprehensive restoration process, what stands before you isn’t just a refurbished floor, but a testament to the craft of reviving history, ensuring it’s ready to witness many more years of memories and events.

Why Opt for NSB Flooring?

Choosing a restoration expert isn’t simply about selecting someone to refinish a floor; it’s about trusting them with the stories and history embedded within every grain and crevice. At NSB Flooring, we fully grasp the weight of this responsibility and approach each project with the following in mind:

Craftsmanship & Passion: Granwood floors, with their unique composition and storied past, require a careful and knowledgeable hand. Our team is not just skilled — we’re enthusiasts of the art of restoration. Each project we undertake is treated not just as a job, but as a labour of love. Every brush stroke, and every sanding motion, is executed with precision and dedication.

State-of-the-Art Equipment: To revive a historical floor, we blend traditional methods with modern technology. Our equipment is the best in the industry, ensuring that every inch of the Granwood floor is treated with the care it deserves while maximising efficiency and ensuring longevity.

Attention to Detail: From colour-matching epoxy fillers to sourcing the perfect replacement blocks, we’re obsessed with the minutiae. We understand that it’s the smallest of touches that can make the biggest difference, ensuring that the final result is flawless.

Experience & Reputation: Our history of successful restorations speaks for itself. With countless projects under our belt, our expertise has been honed through real-world experience, allowing us to tackle even the most challenging of restorations with confidence.

Collaborative Approach: We believe in keeping our clients in the loop at every stage. From initial consultations to final inspections, we value your input and feedback. After all, these floors belong to you, and their restoration should mirror your vision and expectations.

In essence, entrusting your Granwood floor to NSB Flooring isn’t just about getting a service; it’s about embarking on a journey of rejuvenation and rediscovery. A journey where history meets craftsmanship, culminating in a floor that’s not just restored in structure but revitalised in spirit.

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