Kensington Transformation

Part 1 of a transformation in Kensington, London

In the heart of Kensington’s historic and architectural grandeur, our latest project at Pembroke Villas stands out as a testament to the art of meticulous floor restoration.

Entrusted with the task of breathing new life into a floor with a lineage as rich as its aesthetics, NSB Flooring embarked on a journey of transformation within a residence recently graced by singer James Blunt and the talented TV Producer, Gareth Neame, renowned for his work on ‘Downton Abbey’ and ‘The Last Kingdom’.

What We Did

The Beginning

Our involvement began with a gracious referral from Sarah of InStyle Fusion, who was overseeing the magnificent renovations of this historic property. It was our privilege to collaborate closely with Sarah, ensuring our restoration work would match the high standards and creative vision set for this home’s rebirth.

The Process

The floor in question was a splendid expanse of oak parquet, each piece whispering tales from a bygone era and awaiting revival. The restoration process was both a challenge and an indulgence for our team, as preserving the soul of the floor while updating it to modern standards required a balanced approach.

Initial assessments revealed a surface marred by the passage of time, demanding a rigorous sanding process. Our approach was methodical, using a combination of traditional techniques and modern machinery to strip away old sealants and the dull patina of age, revealing the raw beauty of the oak underneath.

Once the floor was sanded to a uniformly smooth canvas, we turned our attention to finishing. The choice of finish was crucial – it needed to protect the floor, complement the villa’s elegant interior, and meet the practical needs of a well-trafficked area. We opted for a clear matt oil from Morrells, a product renowned for its quality and durability. This finish was selected not just for its protective qualities but for the way it could enhance the natural grain of the wood without a glossy sheen, maintaining the historical integrity of the property.

The Outcome

The end result was transformative. The once-tired parquet floor now exudes a quiet sophistication, its matt finish resonating with the modern yet timeless ambience that Sarah and her team aimed to achieve. It stands as a seamless backdrop to the bustling life of a prominent director’s home, ready to support the next chapter of this villa’s storied existence.


Working on this project was fantastic. It allowed us a glimpse into the lives of individuals who shape our culture through film and music. It also underscored our commitment to excellence and our ability to rise to the occasion on projects that demand the highest level of skill and attention to detail.

At NSB Flooring, we consider each project to be as unique as its owners, with stories embedded in each plank and parquet piece we touch. The Pembroke Villas restoration was a remarkable chapter in our portfolio, and we are eager to continue crafting floors that are as full of character as the homes they complete.


The floor at Pembroke Villas is more than just a surface to walk on; it’s a historical narrative, restored to stand the test of time. We at NSB Flooring are proud to have been chosen to contribute to this narrative, ensuring that the legacy of such a distinguished residence is well-trodden for many years to come.

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